We begin the second

We begin the second School desks not R should listen and ask, if something did not understand.

At the same time it can do for itselfhimself marks.

Vposledthe stviya should report a part of received informationto other members of group but only that part, which you with honor possible to announce.

In ten minutes exchangeroles that the second of you could tell about itself.

ClearlyThen begin.

minutesNow return to the general circle.

We begin the second partexercises.

In turn everyone should present thethe partner to group and within twothree minutes to tell thathe about it learned.

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We treated

We treated Pays attention to, how me their mimicry and gestures depending on what hare it is necessary to represent sad or cheerful.

Reading poem Doggie Bobik.

The adult reads to the child the poem The dog our Bobik does not play.

It longs the tummy hurts.

We treated Bobik, Milk to it poured.

It is more, Bobik, be not ill, To all of us will be more cheerful.

Pesik, well, rise And children catch up! S.

Reshchikova Then suggests to execute actions according to flew sty poems.

Questions Whether to you it was bad, sad, when you were ill Why The adult gives a suitable case from the life, races tells, how his health and mood, kogchangedyes the illness passed.

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Then adult

Then adult At first the adult on also suggests to consider to the child the whole picture, calling together with it that on it it is represented.

Then adult collects one cut picture itself and asks the child with to take the others, showin in case of difficulty, a sample.


The adult suggests the child to help to dress on walk kustake boy and girl.

In this game a series of games it is possible re at once some tasks, having acquainted the child with seasonal clothes; with clothes which suit the boy or the girl though at the present stage this division is pretty conditional; with clothes which are put on depending on a situation festive, sports, house; with adult and children's clothes.

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Archbishops According to the author of article, people in the middle feels unusually quietly and with calm.

If to realize the nature of needs of the person and the reason of their emergence in the light of continuum positions, it is possible to achieve deeper understanding of our own behavior and behavior of others.

Then we would cease to blame parents and society that spoiled us, and would understand that all of us only victims.

Archbishops and hippie, novelists, school teachers and difficult teenagers everything try to find a way to feeling of correctness.

The same treats movie stars, politicians, criminals, artists, homosexuals, businessmen and defenders of the rights of women.

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It should

It should where and to you nobody will disturb the child.

It should be educational corner creating a certain atmosphere and mood at the school student where each subject reminds of its successes in study.

Occupations should It is very important a condition occupations should be carried out systematically and to be not too long.

Their training value, new educational skills in this case remains on It is very important to choose correctly time for occupations, without restraining thus interests of the child.

Otherwise training becomes for it a burden.

It is best of all to agree with the kidabout time of occupations or to suggest him to choose suitable time.

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