In other

In other I will prompt we read words from the fairy tale Chanterelle the sister and Grey Volk.

Now I will read the first word of a short flight of stairs, and you put a pencil an accent and emphasize that letter which is said differently, than it is written.

In other words find the others letters and emphasize them.

Try to retell by the own words some expressions from the fairy taleNICE COLLAR good collar.

By SOMETHING to PROFIT something to take, get.

DEAD and it is FULL well precisely as dead.

Again read all words of a short flight of stairs.

Emphasize with a pencil those places which are said differently, than are written.

What sense of words to you is unclearYou can replace what words with others, similar on senseAgain read words from top to down; try to read them entirely, without pauses.


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