SensitivityMeans, sensitivity, emotions and feelings three consecutive steps which the child prodigy overcame quicker than the agemates.

Sensitivity and emotions fix any subject in Wednesday surrounding the child.

Here subject this each manifestation and influence of that out of us people, smells, actions all that it is possible to see or hear.

You already know, how arise and feelings work.

They arise, when we find contact to a subject.

Between it and us contact and a communication channel on which in the direct and return direction energy and information circulate is come into.

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They live in what

They live in what Write down a name of the resident in the lower part of each window.

In the top part of each window put the corresponding badges or .

Now we will check, whether the task is correctly carried out.

Read all syllables with soft consonants.

They live in what entrancesCorrectly in the second and in the third.

Explain, why they became soft.

Read all syllables with firm consonants.

In what entrances live these syllables Why they became firmEstimate the work, draw the mood.

The note for parentsIf the child can independently carry out this task, it means is capable to keep rather long time in memory a rule and sequence of performance of actions.

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The disappointment

The disappointment The child expects to see the stron busy, dominating personality in relation to whom it can be minor, and in exchange receives emotionally weak, obsequious a chelovechishka, fawning upon it and trying to get from it favor or approval.

The child will begin to give more and more clear signs meaning not a lack of attention from adults, and the requirement of suitable type of experience.

The disappointment of the child is in many respects connected with that signals submitted to them showing that not so do not lead something to change of behavior of adults.

Hooligan behavior of some most desperate and disobedient children actually only entreaty about that to them showed how it is correct to behave.

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Now return

Now return You have a quarter of hour on conversation.

Now return to the general circle that we could sovmestbut to sum up exercise.

Summarizing Whether this exercise was pleasant to me What of three stages was given me most difficultly Whether I learned something new Whether I ask a question, what concrete fearsare covered behind my unwillingness to visit lessons As far as to me easily unequivocally to tell no How I express indirect no What price I should pay for direct or plaits wine no at lessons of different subjects What would I like to tell Comment.

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Try to catch

Try to catch To increase selfimage of the child and to develop selfconfidence the games connected with ability to distinguish emotions and on help structure of people.

For example, game Mirror.

Rise near the child in front of the mirror and try to give to the person different expression sad, happy, angry, surprised.

The child with pleasure will be pereda mimicry this or that mood.

Include music and on dance.

Try to catch mood and rate of music muses sad or cheerful, fast or slow, dancing or marsheobrazny.

What it would be desirable to do under it Let child will think up the movements, and you will show the.

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