And. It is necessary

And. It is necessaryand.

Possibility to be engaged in that is interesting to them.

m Yes.

The girl should create itself if I I want to look definitely, what I should make Thereby we solve mass of internal problems.


It is necessary to begin with itm Yes.


Differently, tutors should vyyasthe thread that the group wants, and according to it to operate Teenagers want changesm Why tutorsand.

And who should find out these desiresm They to us are known are standard things.

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The comical

The comicalEverything in the world can be considered both is serious, and is comical depending on requirements of study, education and in general life.

Therefore idea of imitation by children to another's esthetic senses will be incomplete if we do not tell and about the comical.

Because children and youth prefer comical, adults tragic.

It is ideal, when the person equally can both that, and another.

The comical and tragic are opposite on influence on soul of the person.

What causes this contrastEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONSKETCH THE FIFTHAGE OF THE REVOLUTIONARYThe child lived years.

Who is he In the past the adolescent.

Now the revolutionary if overcame an age boundary on a way of development of the mechanism of talent.

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To the senior

To the senior To the senior teenagers give more time.

Now return to the general circle and tell that you ho to start in air.

Summarizing To that this minute radio vremewould be devotedif it depended only on me How easily we came to consensus in ours mamolt to group What of the values containing in our idea, saMay the important What most probable reaction of televiewers PYRAMID OF LIFESimonClarkPurposesThis classical exercise provides to everyone under to sprout possibility to understand that for it is important inlives that is necessary for it for a survival and as it can beeffective and to feel happy.

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You believe, what

You believe, what Societies in which there is no place to defects and misfortune.

You believe, what such it is really possible Then this book for you.

This book for everyone who aspires to harmony and perfection.

The book consists of conversations of professor Michael Lightman with pisatel Ilya Vinokur and psychologists Irina Yakovich and Anatoly At the lyanovy.

Michael – the professor of the anthology and the theory on knowledge Ph.

D philosophy, MSc biological cybernetics, founder and the president of Ari Research Institute ARI – noncommercial orthe ganizatsiya, which purpose – realization of innovative ideas in educational policy for permission system about bly modern education and education.

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Thus it was necessary

Thus it was necessaryIn spite of the fact that parents had enough intuition to distinguish the reason of such behavior of their child, they did not finish the analysis to logic end and did not understand, it was necessary what to solve a problem in a different way.

It was necessary to pay, at last, to the child that attention which he so thirsted, or to explain to him why they cannot give it at present.

Thus it was necessary to tell surely when they can be released and play or talk to it and by all means fulfill the promise.

In the same way, like many other parents, they did not understand that the child in any case anyway will achieve their attention.

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