InstructionIAge of participants since years.

Duration from to minutes.

InstructionI want to give you opportunity to state on konkto retny subject the point of view to compare it to the point of viewother participants and if necessary to change it, thatprecisely to define, you would like to defend what opinion onthis stage.

Offer group a subject on which exist sovershenno different views for example Whether girls should at on military service, or give to group vozmozhnost most to choose a disputable subject.

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Now, without

Now, without In Voobrazily always so do will remember once seen, and let's draw! Usually at in obrazilets it turns out not bad.

Let's look, whether you can be compared to them.

The note for parents In the drawing given below images located on three in a row.

Close all four rows, except the first, a sheet of paper that they did not distract attention, and suggest the child to consider the top row attentively.

On it seconds are given.

Now, without looking at a sample, it is necessary to draw the seen on memory.

Having checked correctness of performance of a task, pass to the following number of drawings.

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It can be used

It can be used Since the earliest age encourage the child not to be afraid to go on physical risk for example, allow it to jump from a table in your embraces, gradually departing from a table everything farther and further.

Hang up in a nursery a rope ladder.

It can be used as a swing the child to sit down on one of crossbeams, and someone from parents shakes a ladder forwardback.

However the much bigger advantage will be brought by ability to swarm up a ladder updown, or to hang headfirst, and also to carry out other simple acrobatic exercises.

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MeanwhileOnly then the working mothers, not wishing to miss in continuous isolation from other adults, can not run around like a mad.

Children can be taken with itself for work, there, where they and should be with the mothers.

And mothers who have not been adhered to a permanent care of the child, can be engaged in the work in the company of adults and do that adequately mature reasonable beings.

Meanwhile employers will be hardly glad to presence of kids on work until idea of children will not improve.

The Ms magazine long and persistently fought against the companies for that to women allowed to bring small children with itself in office.

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Next day we went

Next day we wentIt was the case described above when Anchu asked that I would want in exchange for the Venezuelan glass ornament.

I without reflecting answered that a sugar cane as our team lost all stock of sugar when the canoe turned over on a current, and my melancholy for something sweet began to turn into obsession.

Next day we went in the field of a sugar cane with his wife at only women cut off a reed to finish the transaction.

I and Anchu sat down on a log at field edge, and the woman went on a plantation and returned with four stalks.

She threw them on the earth, and Anchu asked, whether I want still.

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