The first

The first And so indefinitely, because creativity process infinite.

SPOSOBYDEYSTVY OF THE CHILD PRODIGYSo, between the child prodigy and the talented person in a way of actions the abyss lies.

The first is guided by the esthetic senses, embodying in action their energy.

In creativity the complete mechanism of talent a human organ works.

For the child prodigy these esthetic senses not carrying away excitement, not narcissism, and the tool and the conductor in the world perfect and harmonious; the motive power pushing on a way of creativity, and action means to develop.

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Certain The child did not grow to concept of the future yet, it for it does not exist almost.

And the past at children is insufficiently accurately marked by time coordinates.

Because they yet did not create for themselves temporary grids, did not define sequence of vital events which worried and realized as a personal experience.

Certain difficulties appear, when from children start to demand to use categories of duration and recognition of rhythms of processes and the phenomena.

To school the kid dealt with complete processes which exist for it in unity and indivisibility with exhaustive completeness.

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Esthetics But so occurred that the tradition won reality nobody listened neither to godfather of an esthetics A.

Baumgarten, nor to I.

Kanta's proposal.

Esthetics and remained a part of philosophy, instead of psychology area sciences about soul and a body of the person which uses products of sensual knowledge, and not just achievement of reason and mind consciousness which dominates in modern psychology.

And not only in psychology.

The modern educational system too is constructed on a principle unities of consciousness and activity, but mainly on consciousness development.

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Than Pollyutsiya

Than PollyutsiyaBy sixteenseventeen years the sexual impulse becomes a characteristic sign of an everyday life of the boy.

It is raised by contact to the woman, erotic pictures and novels, rhythmical music.

Than Pollyutsiya become more rare, and some boys show sexual activity concerning girls.

Special importance is gained by public life where the boy is independent of parents; aspiration to show the talents and abilities and desire to be near the girl here to what all its forces now are concentrated.

How it reacts to the sexual rushes, can vary from lonely imaginations at insignificance of contacts to girls or even their total absence to pleasure from feeling of her hand in the, a petting and copulation.

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SensitivityMeans, sensitivity, emotions and feelings three consecutive steps which the child prodigy overcame quicker than the agemates.

Sensitivity and emotions fix any subject in Wednesday surrounding the child.

Here subject this each manifestation and influence of that out of us people, smells, actions all that it is possible to see or hear.

You already know, how arise and feelings work.

They arise, when we find contact to a subject.

Between it and us contact and a communication channel on which in the direct and return direction energy and information circulate is come into.

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They live in what

They live in what Write down a name of the resident in the lower part of each window.

In the top part of each window put the corresponding badges or .

Now we will check, whether the task is correctly carried out.

Read all syllables with soft consonants.

They live in what entrancesCorrectly in the second and in the third.

Explain, why they became soft.

Read all syllables with firm consonants.

In what entrances live these syllables Why they became firmEstimate the work, draw the mood.

The note for parentsIf the child can independently carry out this task, it means is capable to keep rather long time in memory a rule and sequence of performance of actions.

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