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We begin the second

School desks not R should listen and ask, if something did not understand.At the same time it can do for itselfhimself marks.Vposledthe stviya should report a part of received informationto other members of group but only that part, which you with honor possible to announce.In ten minutes exchangeroles that the second of you could tell about itself.ClearlyThen begin.minutesNow return to the general circle.We begin the second partexercises.In turn everyone should present thethe partner to group and within twothree minutes to tell thathe about it learned.

We treated

Pays attention to, how me their mimicry and gestures depending on what hare it is necessary to represent sad or cheerful.Reading poem Doggie Bobik.The adult reads to the child the poem The dog our Bobik does not play.It longs the tummy hurts.We treated Bobik, Milk to it poured.It is more, Bobik, be not ill, To all of us will be more cheerful.Pesik, well, rise And children catch up! S.Reshchikova Then suggests to execute actions according to flew sty poems.Questions Whether to you it was bad, sad, when you were ill Why The adult gives a suitable case from the life, races tells, how his health and mood, kogchangedyes the illness passed.

Then adult

At first the adult on also suggests to consider to the child the whole picture, calling together with it that on it it is represented.Then adult collects one cut picture itself and asks the child with to take the others, showin in case of difficulty, a sample.Occupation DRESS the DOLL MASHA, DRESS DOLL .The adult suggests the child to help to dress on walk kustake boy and girl.In this game a series of games it is possible re at once some tasks, having acquainted the child with seasonal clothes; with clothes which suit the boy or the girl though at the present stage this division is pretty conditional; with clothes which are put on depending on a situation festive, sports, house; with adult and children's clothes.


According to the author of article, people in the middle feels unusually quietly and with calm.If to realize the nature of needs of the person and the reason of their emergence in the light of continuum positions, it is possible to achieve deeper understanding of our own behavior and behavior of others.Then we would cease to blame parents and society that spoiled us, and would understand that all of us only victims.Archbishops and hippie, novelists, school teachers and difficult teenagers everything try to find a way to feeling of correctness.The same treats movie stars, politicians, criminals, artists, homosexuals, businessmen and defenders of the rights of women.

It should

where and to you nobody will disturb the child.It should be educational corner creating a certain atmosphere and mood at the school student where each subject reminds of its successes in study.Occupations should It is very important a condition occupations should be carried out systematically and to be not too long.Their training value, new educational skills in this case remains on It is very important to choose correctly time for occupations, without restraining thus interests of the child.Otherwise training becomes for it a burden.It is best of all to agree with the kidabout time of occupations or to suggest him to choose suitable time.

To bring

We are not over the nature, we – its parts, its result, and not so horoshiya.To bring itself into a good condition, we should to study this law and to observe it.In any place, where we were, if we can balance ourselves and the nature to reach a condition , we live spokoybut, in good feeling.We see that the nature too stre to balance of pressure, temperatures and so on.And we should find the general balance.Our general ravnovethis with the nature is described long ago human society dolzhbut to be balanced through love, a concession, reciprocity, readiness it is correct to communicate with each other.

The first

And so indefinitely, because creativity process infinite.SPOSOBYDEYSTVY OF THE CHILD PRODIGYSo, between the child prodigy and the talented person in a way of actions the abyss lies.The first is guided by the esthetic senses, embodying in action their energy.In creativity the complete mechanism of talent a human organ works.For the child prodigy these esthetic senses not carrying away excitement, not narcissism, and the tool and the conductor in the world perfect and harmonious; the motive power pushing on a way of creativity, and action means to develop.


The child did not grow to concept of the future yet, it for it does not exist almost.And the past at children is insufficiently accurately marked by time coordinates.Because they yet did not create for themselves temporary grids, did not define sequence of vital events which worried and realized as a personal experience.Certain difficulties appear, when from children start to demand to use categories of duration and recognition of rhythms of processes and the phenomena.To school the kid dealt with complete processes which exist for it in unity and indivisibility with exhaustive completeness.


But so occurred that the tradition won reality nobody listened neither to godfather of an esthetics A.Baumgarten, nor to I.Kanta's proposal.Esthetics and remained a part of philosophy, instead of psychology area sciences about soul and a body of the person which uses products of sensual knowledge, and not just achievement of reason and mind consciousness which dominates in modern psychology.And not only in psychology.The modern educational system too is constructed on a principle unities of consciousness and activity, but mainly on consciousness development.

Than Pollyutsiya

By sixteenseventeen years the sexual impulse becomes a characteristic sign of an everyday life of the boy.It is raised by contact to the woman, erotic pictures and novels, rhythmical music.Than Pollyutsiya become more rare, and some boys show sexual activity concerning girls.Special importance is gained by public life where the boy is independent of parents; aspiration to show the talents and abilities and desire to be near the girl here to what all its forces now are concentrated.How it reacts to the sexual rushes, can vary from lonely imaginations at insignificance of contacts to girls or even their total absence to pleasure from feeling of her hand in the, a petting and copulation.


Means, sensitivity, emotions and feelings three consecutive steps which the child prodigy overcame quicker than the agemates.Sensitivity and emotions fix any subject in Wednesday surrounding the child.Here subject this each manifestation and influence of that out of us people, smells, actions all that it is possible to see or hear.You already know, how arise and feelings work.They arise, when we find contact to a subject.Between it and us contact and a communication channel on which in the direct and return direction energy and information circulate is come into.

They live in what

Write down a name of the resident in the lower part of each window.In the top part of each window put the corresponding badges or .Now we will check, whether the task is correctly carried out.Read all syllables with soft consonants.They live in what entrancesCorrectly in the second and in the third.Explain, why they became soft.Read all syllables with firm consonants.In what entrances live these syllables Why they became firmEstimate the work, draw the mood.The note for parentsIf the child can independently carry out this task, it means is capable to keep rather long time in memory a rule and sequence of performance of actions.

The disappointment

The child expects to see the stron busy, dominating personality in relation to whom it can be minor, and in exchange receives emotionally weak, obsequious a chelovechishka, fawning upon it and trying to get from it favor or approval.The child will begin to give more and more clear signs meaning not a lack of attention from adults, and the requirement of suitable type of experience.The disappointment of the child is in many respects connected with that signals submitted to them showing that not so do not lead something to change of behavior of adults.Hooligan behavior of some most desperate and disobedient children actually only entreaty about that to them showed how it is correct to behave.

Now return

You have a quarter of hour on conversation.Now return to the general circle that we could sovmestbut to sum up exercise.Summarizing Whether this exercise was pleasant to me What of three stages was given me most difficultly Whether I learned something new Whether I ask a question, what concrete fearsare covered behind my unwillingness to visit lessons As far as to me easily unequivocally to tell no How I express indirect no What price I should pay for direct or plaits wine no at lessons of different subjects What would I like to tell Comment.

Try to catch

To increase selfimage of the child and to develop selfconfidence the games connected with ability to distinguish emotions and on help structure of people.For example, game Mirror.Rise near the child in front of the mirror and try to give to the person different expression sad, happy, angry, surprised.The child with pleasure will be pereda mimicry this or that mood.Include music and on dance.Try to catch mood and rate of music muses sad or cheerful, fast or slow, dancing or marsheobrazny.What it would be desirable to do under it Let child will think up the movements, and you will show the.

In this

The main thing to expand for the child the world, to help it realizo all its today's possibilities and to create conditions for times twisting tomorrow's emphasizes Century Alyamovsky in the book the Day nursery it is serious.In this plan supervision for time is especially important twisting of the child and his behavior.If adults do not learn vnimatelno to look writes to Jannie Leshli they will not notice any changes occurring to kids; if will not learn it is correct to listen that the child speaks, can pass something important or to disregard the address of the kid.

Explain, why you arranged

But artful Nechitaylo spoiled everything it changed words in places.Read a chain of words.Arrange in it words one after another.For this purpose you should present for a start, in what sequence there were events that happened at first who came then that was farther.Explain, why you arranged words exactly so, instead of differently.Then we will pass to the following chain.Milk, grass, cow, jug.Doctor, illness, recovery, drugs.Houses, builders, bricks, residents.

But not this

Eternally angry teenager is that, which very much in itself saved up what to restrain already forces does not suffice.But not this most sad.The most sad that the person at such training cannot be trained really to realize the feelings to understand, from where undertook and that with them to do.The cockahoop turns out.To the person it is bad, and he will not understand why.To the person it is bad, and he does not know, how it is bad for correcting how to adjust own mood.Smile! psychologists advise to us.

And the head

and.Besides, if I rely on it, too oshchu awkwardness …m Let they will construct it, – they have no, you course.And the head has no answer to their questions, he does not know, that .Teenagers want changes and.But after all it only will anger them!m Let the head will tell, as itself not zna.Only in that measure in which we will incorporate together, as it is possible having risen over the ego more, and we will reach boundaries du ourselves the general, correct consent, we will find the decision.We will accept this decision, and it is possible with confidence, literally blindly to tell that it will be beliefs ny.In our world there is no other criterion any different way something to estimate, except how to construct to itself okruzheniye and concerning it itself to check.

And for mother

The daughter grew, scandals rustled.But once there was a strange strangeness.And for mother miracles began she shouts, and the daughter is silent.She abuses, and the daughter is silent and writes.The wrong behavior beat out mother from a nayezzhenny track, and the words which are usually jumping out, itself became Why so it turns out, we tell in the book Cease to bring up children, help them grow, t., head Wizards and zombie.What to do, if.,to come to an end.So proceeded week as soon as mother starts to rustle so the daughter sits down to write.

And. It is necessary

The comical

Everything in the world can be considered both is serious, and is comical depending on requirements of study, education and in general life.Therefore idea of imitation by children to another's esthetic senses will be incomplete if we do not tell and about the comical.Because children and youth prefer comical, adults tragic.It is ideal, when the person equally can both that, and another.The comical and tragic are opposite on influence on soul of the person.What causes this contrastEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONSKETCH THE FIFTHAGE OF THE REVOLUTIONARYThe child lived years.Who is he In the past the adolescent.Now the revolutionary if overcame an age boundary on a way of development of the mechanism of talent.

To the senior

To the senior teenagers give more time.Now return to the general circle and tell that you ho to start in air.Summarizing To that this minute radio vremewould be devotedif it depended only on me How easily we came to consensus in ours mamolt to group What of the values containing in our idea, saMay the important What most probable reaction of televiewers PYRAMID OF LIFESimonClarkPurposesThis classical exercise provides to everyone under to sprout possibility to understand that for it is important inlives that is necessary for it for a survival and as it can beeffective and to feel happy.

You believe, what

Societies in which there is no place to defects and misfortune.You believe, what such it is really possible Then this book for you.This book for everyone who aspires to harmony and perfection.The book consists of conversations of professor Michael Lightman with pisatel Ilya Vinokur and psychologists Irina Yakovich and Anatoly At the lyanovy.Michael – the professor of the anthology and the theory on knowledge Ph.D philosophy, MSc biological cybernetics, founder and the president of Ari Research Institute ARI – noncommercial orthe ganizatsiya, which purpose – realization of innovative ideas in educational policy for permission system about bly modern education and education.

Thus it was necessary

In spite of the fact that parents had enough intuition to distinguish the reason of such behavior of their child, they did not finish the analysis to logic end and did not understand, it was necessary what to solve a problem in a different way.It was necessary to pay, at last, to the child that attention which he so thirsted, or to explain to him why they cannot give it at present.Thus it was necessary to tell surely when they can be released and play or talk to it and by all means fulfill the promise.In the same way, like many other parents, they did not understand that the child in any case anyway will achieve their attention.


Age of participants since years.Duration from to minutes.InstructionI want to give you opportunity to state on konkto retny subject the point of view to compare it to the point of viewother participants and if necessary to change it, thatprecisely to define, you would like to defend what opinion onthis stage.Offer group a subject on which exist sovershenno different views for example Whether girls should at on military service, or give to group vozmozhnost most to choose a disputable subject.

Now, without

In Voobrazily always so do will remember once seen, and let's draw! Usually at in obrazilets it turns out not bad.Let's look, whether you can be compared to them.The note for parents In the drawing given below images located on three in a row.Close all four rows, except the first, a sheet of paper that they did not distract attention, and suggest the child to consider the top row attentively.On it seconds are given.Now, without looking at a sample, it is necessary to draw the seen on memory.Having checked correctness of performance of a task, pass to the following number of drawings.

It can be used

Since the earliest age encourage the child not to be afraid to go on physical risk for example, allow it to jump from a table in your embraces, gradually departing from a table everything farther and further.Hang up in a nursery a rope ladder.It can be used as a swing the child to sit down on one of crossbeams, and someone from parents shakes a ladder forwardback.However the much bigger advantage will be brought by ability to swarm up a ladder updown, or to hang headfirst, and also to carry out other simple acrobatic exercises.


Only then the working mothers, not wishing to miss in continuous isolation from other adults, can not run around like a mad.Children can be taken with itself for work, there, where they and should be with the mothers.And mothers who have not been adhered to a permanent care of the child, can be engaged in the work in the company of adults and do that adequately mature reasonable beings.Meanwhile employers will be hardly glad to presence of kids on work until idea of children will not improve.The Ms magazine long and persistently fought against the companies for that to women allowed to bring small children with itself in office.

Next day we went

It was the case described above when Anchu asked that I would want in exchange for the Venezuelan glass ornament.I without reflecting answered that a sugar cane as our team lost all stock of sugar when the canoe turned over on a current, and my melancholy for something sweet began to turn into obsession.Next day we went in the field of a sugar cane with his wife at only women cut off a reed to finish the transaction.I and Anchu sat down on a log at field edge, and the woman went on a plantation and returned with four stalks.She threw them on the earth, and Anchu asked, whether I want still.

We are born

It is deciphered simply if our body and soul are harmonious and it so!, that the person should create harmonious movements of a body and soul.That our body is harmonious by nature, it is not necessary to convince anybody the person the nature top, surprisingly harmoniously created, its standard, a measure.And the nature transfers this miracle to us in inheritance, as gift and continuation of existence of the nature in the person.We are born with this gift idea of harmony.And how it will work, will depend on transformation of natural possibility into the instrument of activity.

Estimate itself

Over their reading it is necessary to work in addition.Estimate itself and draw the mood.Occupation Reading a verbal short flight of stairsRead words which are placed on a short flight of stairs.Now words will be read by me, and you stop me if any of them will be not absolutely clear.Convey meaning of expressions by the own wordsBOW GAVE bowed.POSERYOD of the ROAD in the middle of the road.NIZYOKHONKO BOWED bowed low, to the earth.Again read a short flight of stairs slowly, emphasizing in words those letters which pronunciation differs from writing.Again read words, trying not to divide them into syllables.

In other

I will prompt we read words from the fairy tale Chanterelle the sister and Grey Volk.Now I will read the first word of a short flight of stairs, and you put a pencil an accent and emphasize that letter which is said differently, than it is written.In other words find the others letters and emphasize them.Try to retell by the own words some expressions from the fairy taleNICE COLLAR good collar.By SOMETHING to PROFIT something to take, get.DEAD and it is FULL well precisely as dead.Again read all words of a short flight of stairs.Emphasize with a pencil those places which are said differently, than are written.What sense of words to you is unclearYou can replace what words with others, similar on senseAgain read words from top to down; try to read them entirely, without pauses.


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